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Let the fur fly from your car

We love dogs, but removing their hair from our cars can be a bit of pain. Here are a few quick tricks to make pet hair removal much easier. Watch all our Autoblog Details videos for more quick car care tips from professional detailer Larry Kosilla.

Loosen the hair with compressed air

The level of difficulty depends of course on the type of dog hair and the type of carpet fibers present. Typically car trunks have a tougher fiber that's reluctant to release dirt and dog hair with just a simple vacuum. First, if compressed air is available, blow the carpet out as much as possible so that the top loose layer of hair is blown out of the car. This will also loosen up the fibers for the following step. If you have no compressed air, that's OK, move on to the next steps.

Grab the vacuum, and help it with these tricks

Next, use a rubber glove, rubber hair broom, or Fur-Zoff Stone to lift the hair from the nap of the carpet fiber, and immediately vacuum with the crevice tool. The rubber glove is a simple home remedy because it grips the pet hair and pulls it from the carpet much easier than with the vacuum alone. Dunk you glove into a water bucket, shake it out, and then run the glove along the carpet. As the hairs get stuck in the glove, dip your hand back into the bucket to clean the glove, and repeat the process.

The rubber pet hair broom has 140 bristles that create static electricity that attracts the fur and lifts it away from the carpet. Brush the area in short strokes towards the vacuum nozzle. As the fur's lifted and released, the vacuum will suck in the hair before it settles back into the carpet.

The Fur-Zoff Stone is wildly popular amongst pet owners because it's extremely durable and made of 90% recycled material. It has a unique rigid scale texture similar to a pumice stone, and traps and collects fur as it's swiped across the fabric or carpet. Brush or vacuum the stone once it becomes full, and repeat.

Brush your pets, too

The easiest way to minimize the amount of pet hair in your car is to give your dog or cat a good brushing on a regular basis. Not only does this brushing remove dirt, debris, and dead hair from being tracked in your car, but it's good for their skin and fur as well. For more how to car care videos, visit I'm Larry Kosilla from We'll see you next time.

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