Faraday Future polarizes Hong Kong Formula E with new livery

It's black and white and read all over.

Lots of changes are coming to Formula E racing for the third season, including new cities to race in and increased regeneration power. New teams will also make an entrance, and Faraday Future Dragon Racing has just unveiled its new design – sorry, livery – for its racer that will make its on-track debut at the Season three opener in Hong Kong this weekend.

The new paint job is called "Polarity," and it's meant to be, "a striking, minimalist contrast between black and white" that reflects "the duality of FF's future product lineup." But wait, there's more silly explanations: "The vehicle's white nose symbolizes clean energy, harnessed from a number of renewable resources. The juxtaposed black field embodies the assertive, powerful, and refined performance that competitive drivers will experience behind the wheel." Doesn't it just sing?

There are actual things of interest visible by looking at the new car, like LeEco's sticker (LeEco is the purse strings behind Faraday Future). We can also look into the future with FF's move into Formula E. Right now, FF is a core technical partner with Dragon Racing, which is cool but only gets really interesting in season four, when, "FF will expand its relationship as a technical partner to begin supplying hardware to the team. In season five and beyond, Faraday Future Dragon Racing will implement various Faraday powertrain components, software, firmware and other hardware as the team sees fit. This could include Faraday Future motors, gearbox, and the FF Echelon Inverter."

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