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2017 Nissan Texas Titan has lots of chrome, because Texas

Want a bolo tie in vehicle form? Nissan has the truck for you.

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Do you like big belt buckles, snakeskin boots, Stetsons, and bolo ties? Well, cowpoke, does Nissan have a pickup for you. This is the Texas Titan, and it's meant to be the automotive equivalent to all of those, um, "fashion accessories" we mentioned above.

That, of course, means a lot of bling, because Texas. Nissan finished the front bumper, exclusive, six-spoke, 20-inch wheels, side steps, and exhaust in chrome. And yet, there are parts of the truck that aren't covered in shiny metal. For one, Nissan says it chromed the inner and outer grille, but we can't really see a big difference. And chroming the entire front bumper but leaving the back in body color makes for an uneven look. Give us all the chrome, or give us none. Aside from the major aesthetic changes, Nissan applied the usual suite of trim-specific badges, featuring the state outline with the traditional lone star in the middle, and the prominent "Texas Titan" name to the left. Inside, Texas Titan floormats remind drivers of their special trucks.

Customers who want to order a truck instead of buying straight off the lot can pretty much build their ideal Texas Titan. Nissan is offering the trim on the SV and SL trims and with the choice of XD or Crew Cab body styles. The bigger decision for owners is which powertrain to go with, since Nissan will sell its Lone Star-specific equipment group with two- and four-wheel drive, and the choice of a 5.6-liter, gas-powered V8 or the stellar 5.0-liter Cummins turbodiesel V8. We'll take the SL trim, XD body, Cummins V8, and four-wheel drive, thank you very much.

Nissan has not released details on pricing or availability at this time, but as with the majority of Texas-spec vehicles from other automakers, we doubt you'll be able to buy this chrome-covered truck outside the Lone Star State.

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