Alfa Romeo revealed today that a special edition of the Giulia sports sedan called "Veloce" will make its debut in Paris. It's only slated for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, but before you start lamenting that the US will once again miss out on a cool Euro-spec sedan, we have some good news: it's nothing special.

The Giulia Veloce is just a normal Giulia with an appearance package and a fancy name. It comes with either the 280-horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder gas engine, which we will get in 276-hosepower trim, or the 210-horsepower diesel four-cylinder. From there, Alfa throws in options like Q4 all-wheel drive, 19-inch 5-hole wheels, a tweaked front bumper, sport seats and steering wheel, rear diffuser and black window trim. That's it. Well that, and one of the Veloces at the show will sport a new color of blue, but it's not clear if that's a package-exclusive color or just another option.

Many of these components will be available in the US, including the all-wheel drive, wheels, and, based on the American Alfa website, probably the black window trim. It's just that they won't all come in one package. And even if a few pieces of vehicle flair don't make it here, we're still not going to lose sleep over an appearance package. If you really need to be upset about something, perhaps consider the fact that we probably won't see Giulias on dealer lots until early next year. And that's just our best guess since we don't have an official launch date yet. Now that's something worthy of some frustration.

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