Making a proper entrance at Grand Hyatt Cannes Hôtel Martinez, an upscale hotel on the southern coast of France, is important. You can't simply arrive like every other commoner. How will others know how much better and important you are than them? No, your entrance must be spectacular. Something that people won't soon forget. Like crashing your $270,000 McLaren MP4-12C through the revolving front door.

People will surely notice when you plow your 618 horsepower supercar through the too-narrow front entrance. Sure, according to France's Nice-Matin it's been done before, but it hasn't happened for a few years. There's been plenty of time for people to forget. Plus, the hotel manager Alessandro Cresta seems surprisingly calm about the situation, saying "It is common for the customer to confuse the forward and reverse gears in an automatic transmission." True enough.

Once the deed is done, let the hotel deal with it. You're too important and too busy to deal with towing, insurance, or a replacement. No one is hurt and the hotel seems to have a contingency for such a situation. They've already started to board off the revolving door.

Rental? Not for the likes of you. Simply go down the street and buy another. The new Ferrari 488 Spider looks like it may scoot through the entrance slightly better than the McLaren. You may even make it all the way the front desk. Now that would be an entrance.

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