BMW borrows i3 battery for the C Evolution electric scooter

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Autoblog readers might be most familiar with BMW's automobile division, but the company has been building motorcycles longer than it's been building cars. Most of the time the two divisions work independently, but occasional collaboration and parts sharing does occur. In an effort to boost both range and sales, BMW Motorrad poached the new 94 Ah battery pack from the 2017 BMW i3 and stuck it under their C Evolution scooter for some all-electric, two-wheeled motoring.

The current C Evolution has been on sale for a while, but not in America. That's set to change with this new model, which BMW says can travel up to 160 km or about 100 miles on electricity. It's unclear if that's an EPA rating, but it seems to match the range of the new i3. Speed on the American version is limited to 129 kph, or about 80 mph. Despite the increased battery size, charging times for the C Evolution are down.

The new 94 Ah battery pack gives the C Evolution an 11-horsepower bump over the outgoing 60 Ah model. Max output is a respectable 26 horsepower and about 53 pound-feet of torque. In addition to the new battery pack, the updated C Evolution features LED lighting, reverse assist, and a version of BMW's EffecientDynamics brake regen system. The new model is available now in countries that previously sold the C Evolution and will be coming to the US, Japan, South Korea, and Russia soon.

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