Recharge Wrap-up: Hear the new Formula E cars, time to buy TSLA?

VW broke laws in 20 EU countries says European Commission.

Here's what the third season of Formula E will sound like. With teams using their own technology in the 2016/17 season, the cars not only sound different than they did in previous years, they vary from team to team as well. Though quieter than the cars of gas-powered racing series, the electric powertrains, braking systems, and tires do produce noise, and an odd one at that. There is definitely something exciting about the "spaceship" noise of Formula E racers, even if they are more subdued than the screams and roars of traditional competition vehicles. Check it out in the video from Formula E above (aptly titled The New Sound of Formula E), and read more at Electrek.

Volkswagen broke consumer laws in 20 EU countries according to the European Commission. In the ongoing diesel emissions scandal, the automaker broke, among others, laws against exaggerated environmental claims to customers. EU Consumer Commissioner Vera Jourova will meet with consumer groups, national protection agencies, and Volkswagen over the matter, as she says, "It is not my intention to come with strong action without fair communication with the company." VW has not agreed to compensate European owners as it did in the US, despite calls from Jourova and consumer groups to do so. Read more from Automotive News Europe.

Analysts at investment firm Baird are telling investors that it is a good time to buy Tesla stock. Tesla has traded lower as of late as the company announced that it needs to raise more money to achieve its goals. That's not unusual for a fast-growing company, according to analysts Ben Kallo and Tyler Frank, who don't seem to harbor the same fears as other investors of the automaker's expected cash burn as it prepares for production of the Model 3. Read more at Teslarati.

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