Ford Focus RS crash is another example of drifting gone wrong

In today's installment of #DriftModeFail...

As we've said before, money does not equal talent. Today's reminder is yet another installment in the increasingly entertaining series of YouTube videos we've taken to calling #DriftModeFail.

This video starts out slow – a group of hot hatchbacks tooling around a scenic road in upstate New York. But keep watching, and before long you'll see a Nitro Blue Ford Focus RSit's always a Nitro Blue – make its presence known by a series of loud tire squeals and a fair attempt at a drift. Had the car's driver had another few feet of road, everything (probably) would have been fine. But the road ran out, the Focus RS dipped its passenger side tires off the road clipping the hill, and Sir Isaac Newton's Third Law of Motion handled the rest, catapulting the hot Ford's tail into the air and deploying the driver's front and side airbags.

We don't know if the driver was hurt. The person taking the video asks someone if they're okay, but the video cuts before we can hear an answer. Whoever was at the wheel was lucky the car didn't roll. Give the video a few watches, and you'll see it very nearly goes shiny side down following the initial impact. So, lessons? If you're buying a Focus RS, keep Drift Mode to the track or local skid pad, and sign up for the free driving school Ford bakes into its hottest hatchback's price.

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