Ford Focus RS Drift Mode won't save you from bad technique

Don't get cocky, kid.

Here's some video proof that however fun the 2016 Ford Focus RS's Drift Mode is – at least, for a time, until the clutch packs overheat – it won't magically turn you into a Formula Drift pro. Traction control doesn't conquer every muddy hill; stability control won't prevent snap oversteer if you lift off at the apex.

They do help, though. Perhaps this good-natured driver is just getting his bearings in a new car with an unfamiliar system. Maybe around the next corner he looked like Ryan Tuerck channeling Takumi Fujiwara, all finesse and tofu and oppo lock, a sideways champion wreathed in tire smoke and glory. Don't hate on the driver for not getting it right in this 12-second video, but do remember that pushing the special button on the console might change the driveline's programming and leave your skill level unaffected.

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