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New York
Limited-edition Kia Stinger GTS gets all-wheel drive with a drift mode

The revised system gets a mechanical limited-slip diff

The revised system gets a mechanical limited-slip diff

Audi's fastest cars won't catch your drift

Audi Sport boss says popular drift modes waste time and tires.

No drift mode for Audi Sport models.

Ford Focus RS crash is another example of drifting gone wrong

In today's installment of #DriftModeFail...

An owner managed to use a little too much road while sliding around upstate New York.

Ford engineer reveals the Focus RS drift mode wasn't planned

It's amazing to think that one of the Focus RS's biggest selling points may never have happened.

Australian safety experts freak out over Focus RS Drift Mode

Anti-hooning safety advocates want to outlaw feature.

They want the Focus RS recalled and the Drift Mode feature disabled.

Ford Focus RS Drift Mode won't save you from bad technique

Don't get cocky, kid.

The hottest of Ford hatches may have a special drifty mode, but this video reminds us that it won't make you a Formula D star.