Clinton not looking to replace ethanol standard, despite talks

Clinton spokesperson says she is, 'committed to getting the RFS back on track.'

A month ago, there were hints that Hilary Clinton was thinking about changing the ethanol rules in the US. The story got started when Clinton advisors had a meeting with California Air Resources Board (CARB) chief Mary Nichols. This weekend, the Clinton campaign said it did not support changing the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) to require lower-carbon fuels.

Clinton spokesperson Tyrone Gayle told USAToday that, "As Hillary Clinton said repeatedly during the primary, she is committed to getting the RFS back on track and making sure the US remains a leader in advanced biofuels. While we have engaged a wide range of stakeholders and experts throughout the campaign on biofuels and other issues, we do not support replacing the RFS with a national low-carbon fuel standard." On her campaign website, Clinton says she will, "strengthen the Renewable Fuel Standard and double loans that help support the bio-based economy."

Clinton's rival, Republican nominee Donald Trump, said earlier this year that he supported, "complete American energy independence," but didn't explain, you know, the details. Ethanol-support group Growth Energy applauded Trump's statement at the time.

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