Passersby are really, really keen on learning more about this Tesla Model X

Could you do this with your car?

Bjorn Nyland might be the world's most famous Tesla owner. Well, no, not the most famous person to own a Tesla (that'd be someone like Will.I.Am), but a person who has become famous for owning a Tesla. He's been a big advocate for electromobility and the brand and he's a smart video creator, he knew that, sometimes, a Tesla is just too tempting.

That's why he took his Model X to Aker Brygge, a popular destination in Oslo, Norway, opened the doors, and walked away. As you might suspect, the unattended electric vehicle quickly drew a crowd, with passersby taking pictures, pawing the car, and sitting down inside. Spotted by Electrek, the video is a perfect example of how those Falcon Wing doors really catch peoples' attention. See the curious herd in action in the video above.

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