Number of EV charging stations continues to grow, while gas stations decline

It's all part of a trend.

It's not quite fair to compare one public electric vehicle charger with a gas station because while they both can refuel a car, they serve different masters in different ways. For all their differences, it is fair to look at the overall number of these two things to try and detect a trend. ChargePoint has just announced that it has added the 30,000th charger to its network in the US (at the Hamilton Place Mall in Chattanooga, Tennessee). While that number goes up, the number of gas stations in America continues to decline.

As it says in the 2015 National Association of Convenience Stores Retail Fuels Report ( PDF), the overall number of fueling stations in the US has, since 1994, "decreased from more than 200,000 to a little more than 150,000 sites." The Wall Street Journal got an estimate that there are only about 90,000 publicly accessible gas stations in the US. Whatever the real number is, it's dropping, while more and more EV chargers are going up. On the ChargePoint website, in fact, the current number is 30,011.

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