A Virginia woman mistook a standard new car test drive for a demolition derby when she destroyed four brand new Benzes, including the one she was driving, in the dealership parking lot. And she did it in record time.

According to NBC Washington, the woman arrived at Mercedes-Benz of Arlington in Ballston, VA, on the morning of August 20 to test drive a new GLE 350 SUV. Almost immediately, the test drive went off the rails. With a dealership employee riding shotgun and two other passengers in the car, the driver put her foot all the way into the accelerator, careened through the dealership lot, smashed up four other cars including her own personal vehicle, and rolled the GLE on to its side in an empty parking space.

Arlington County police and Arlington County Fire Department responded to the scene of the crash, but thankfully, there were no serious injuries, aside from wounded pride and crushing embarrassment.

Crashing cars during test drives is relatively uncommon, but still definitely an occupational hazard for dealership employees. Back in 2015, a woman demolished a new Camry and a handful of other vehicles at a Houston-area dealership, and earlier this year a salesman was killed in Ontario during a Corvette test drive that went horribly and tragically wrong.

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