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Woman flips Mercedes six seconds into test drive

A Virginia woman mistook a standard new car test drive for a demolition derby when she destroyed six brand new Benzes, including the one she was driving, in a dealership parking lot.

GM injects $1.4 billion into Arlington assembly plant

The plant that produces GM's full-size SUVs in Arlington, TX, is set to receive $1.4 billion, representing the largest allocation out of the $5.4 billion the company has earmarked towards upgrading its facilities.

451 Ram trucks take world record for longest parade of pickups

451 Ram owners drove to Arlington, TX, to set a new world record for the longest parade of pickup trucks, coinciding with the Academy of Country Music Awards at the home of the Dallas Cowboys.

Tesla owners will celebrate Supercharger network with DC meet-up

Groucho Marx famously said that he'd never belong to a club that would have him as a member. When it comes to this particular club, though, we're going to beg to differ.

Toyota Prius owners targeted by tire-slashing VA vandal

Toyota Prius owners aren't bad folks. With a few exceptions, they're just normal people who appreciate the comfortable, high-mileage hybrid. Someone in Arlington, Virginia doesn't see it that way, though, as 14 examples (and one Smart) had at least one tire slashed last Sunday night.

DC-area electric taxi plan runs into opposition

It looks like one Washington, DC-area cab operator looking to have an all-electric fleet of cabs isn't quite ready for takeoff.

DC-area taxi company wants to go all-electric with Nissan Leaf fleet

This probably isn't Mr. T's idea of a DC cab, but we'll forgo the not-so-classic 1983 flick and celebrate.

GM schedules 21-week idle of three truck plants

Four of General Motors' full-size truck plants, three of them in the U.S., will go intermittently silent for a total of 21 weeks in order to retool for 2013 model year production. The Fort Wayne, Indiana and Flint, Michigan plants h

GM invests $331 million, adds 110 jobs at Arlington plant

General Motors has committed to investing a total of $2 billion in 17 of its facilities here in the United States, and the latest to receive monitory support is the Arlington Assembly Plant in Texas. $331 million is being pumped into the Arlington facility for tooling and equipment in an effort to expand the plant. 110 jobs will also be added to the facility's existing 2,400-person workforce.

GM increases truck production for the spring

General Motors has been working hard to get its 2008 and 2009 inventory in line with the market's lackluster demand. In fact, many of the General's plants haven't run since before Christmas. GM sees better times coming this spring, though, and the Detroit automaker is increasing truck production for the week of March 16. Flint truck, which makes the Silverado, is going back online, and the General is ramping up the line speed to 31.5 vehicles per hour, up from 27.7. GM's Arlington, Texas plant i