Volvo's 2,400-hp semi is the quickest truck in the world

The Iron Knight set two speed records.

Volvo Trucks isn't a stranger to doing cool, innovative things with its semi trucks. The automaker has done some crazy stunts in the past to showcase its technology, which includes putting a four-year-old in control of one of its dump trucks and racing against a Koenigsegg on a track. Earlier this month, the automaker teased its latest endeavor to break its own speed records – and now it has officially accomplished the feat.

Thanks to its 13-liter mid-mounted D13 engine that generates 2,400-horsepower and 4,425 pound feet of torque, The Iron Knight set new speed records for 500- and 1,000-meter runs. The custom-built semi achieved a time of 13.710 seconds over 500 meters with an average speed of 81.58 mph and completed the 1,000-meter run in 21.290 seconds at an average of 105 mph. The massive semi also managed to reach a top speed of 171 mph.

To set the new speed records, The Iron Knight, which was piloted by truck racing driver Boije Ovebrink, had to complete two passes for both the 500- and 1,000-meter runs. After completing one run, Ovebrink had to complete the same distance in the opposite direction within an hour. Ovebrink's latest run bests his previous speed record, which he set in Volvo Trucks' Mean Green hybrid in 2012. Compared to the Mean Green, The Iron Knight has 600 more horsepower and is roughly 2,205 pounds lighter.

There was never a doubt of whether The Iron Knight would break Volvo Trucks' previous speed records, but the question was always by how much. Clearly, the folks at Volvo Trucks have a fun side, which we hope never subsides.

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