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Rolls-Royce just unveiled the Rolls-Royce of picnic baskets

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While automakers such as Cadillac and Koenigsegg have prepared debuts for full-size automobiles at Pebble Beach this week, Rolls-Royce has decided this will be the perfect occasion to unveil a picnic basket.

That being said, this picnic basket is fully up to Rolls-Royce standards. And that's important because when you take your Rolls out for an al fresco lunch, a plain old blanket and an Igloo cooler simply won't do. There will only be 50 of these baskets made and they will accompany the final 50 Phantom Coupes and Drophead Coupes. Each is crafted from American walnut wood and leather that is coordinated with its accompanying car's exterior color. The basket also has milled aluminum hinges with the debut locations of the cars' concept predecessors. Because of course it does.

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The basket is equipped with only the finest dining wares including a walnut cutting board, Rolls-Royce embroidered napkins, and stainless steel cutlery. Then there's the genuine lead crystal wine glasses and dishes with details in black paint and platinum. Obviously silver or gold wouldn't cut it.

The basket will be shown at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance this weekend. So if you're there and are wondering why a picnic basket is being so prominently displayed, now you'll know.

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