When your kid has this reaction to a DeLorean DMC-12, you know you're doing parenting right. YouTube user Harley Droba bought this iconic classic car earlier this month, but didn't tell their daughter Katelynn. The camera was rolling as she took pictures of her dad with the DeLorean and posed for a few herself. Because she thought it was someone else's car she was very concerned about treating it with respect, which is just more proof of awesome parenting. She told her dad not to touch the car and became distressed when he opened the door and climbed in.

"Daddy don't!" she said in the video. "The cops are going to come!"

When he started up the engine, her jaw dropped. Her folks then revealed that the car was actually coming home with them. She screamed and jumped for joy into her dad's arms for a huge hug like she had just received a new puppy.

"She's crying!" Katelynn's dad said with a laugh. She jumped into the driver's seat and hugged the steering wheel, still in shock.

"Wait, this is actually ours?" she asked. Both parents answered yes.

We'd be in disbelief, too. She certainly doesn't remember the carmaker's heyday, or the initial popularity of the film Back to the Future, but the funky DeLorean has undeniable appeal. It still commands a broad fan base, despite only 9,000 units sold in the 80s. The DMC-12 is so enduring that a new version of the automaker, the DeLorean Motor Company, is planning to build new DeLoreans next year for the first time since the company went into receivership in 1982.

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