Car Club USA

Car Club USA: Back to the Future with the SoCal DeLorean Club

DeLorean Owners Show Off Their Movie Replica Time Machines

Car Club USA travels to Los Angeles, CA to meet with proud DeLorean DMC-12 owners and decode a love affair with a car company that failed over 30 years ago.

"The car was plagued with production delays, and coming out in a recession contributed to the failure of the original DeLorean Motor Company," said Roland Hoffmann of the DeLorean Owners Association. "If John DeLorean just held on for two years, it would have been a different story."

1985 saw the release of Back To The Future, which would forever change the path of the DeLorean DMC-12.

"The Back to the Future movie gave the car its new life," said Ronald Ferguson of the DeLorean Owners Association. "The movie helped bring the car new levels of awareness. It's just going to continue on forever."

Now, many DeLorean collectors are as interested in owning a piece of movie memorabilia as they are the car itself, like time machine replica builder Martin Sanchez of the SoCal DeLorean Club.

"The car itself wasn't the fastest car in the world. But, you know what? So what," said Martin. "If I cruise next to a Ferrari Berlinetta ... they're looking at the time machine, they're not looking at the Ferrari.".

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