A pair of Metropolitan London police officers are in hot water after they questionably impounded a Lamborghini Huracan earlier this summer. Oh, and they took it for a joyride.

The stop, pictured above, occurred on June 2. The Huracan belongs to a rental car company was pulled over for having no insurance near Heathrow Airport. In Britain, police use a national database to run license plates to see if a car is insured. London-based City Supercars had recently updated the insurance on the $260,000-Lambo. However, there was a lag before the information was uploaded to the database. When manager Erwyn Mackee tried to explain the situation on the phone, the police weren't interested.

"The officer was just being unreasonable and out of hand on the phone to me, and I was just trying to explain the facts calmly. He was just off his head, completely bonkers - it was very frustrating," Mackee told the Telegraph.

So the Lambo was seized. But police decided to have a little fun with the car before sending it to an impound lot. Mackee checked the traffic-tracking software in the Huracan and found that officers were having a blast with their new prize. At one point, they hit 63 miles per hour in a 30-mph zone. Mackee called Met police out on Twitter.

Mackee, who is also a lawyer, told the Telegraph that the problem has been resolved amicably. Scotland Yard was embarrassed by the incident and punished the officers involved. One officer received three points on his license while the other was subject to management action.

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