Someone turned a Rolls-Royce Ghost into a real Crazy Taxi

One of the unexpected perks of the Autoblog office is that we get to see some pretty amazing cars, and not just what's in our review fleet. Right next door is Platinum Motor Cars, a premium used car dealer, and while they have some pretty stunning exotics on display, we noticed something a bit more unusual this week.

And this Rolls-Royce Ghost is certainly unusual: It features a vinyl wrap that makes it look like a rusty yellow taxicab. The distinctive logo on the rear door also shows that this Ghost is a rolling tribute to Sega's classic arcade racer Crazy Taxi. Fortunately, we haven't seen it tearing through outdoor restaurants and up sidewalks like you might in the game.

We wanted to know more about the car, so we talked to Jonathan Smith from Platinum Motor Cars. He told us that he and the car's owners participate in various cross-country rally events and they needed a car for the Motor City Rally on August 3. Smith explained they picked up a Ghost they weren't worried about putting miles on, and because, as he put it, they "are kids at heart," looked to a video game from their past for inspiration. Smith said they were in a tight spot getting the car wrapped, since the Ghost arrived only two days before the start of the rally. But he explained they were fortunate Envy Auto Group was able to finish the job in just 36 hours.

This car also continues their trend of using fun cars for their rallies. Smith told us about the various themes they've had for past vehicles such as a Love Bug-themed Audi RS7, and a "Family Truckster" Mercedes-Benz E63 wagon. The latter of which got the complete olive green and faux wood color scheme to match the movie car.

Smith said that the Motor City Rally was the only rally the Ghost will participate in, but they will show it at the M1 Concourse Cars and Coffee, at the Woodward Dream Cruise, and probably a few other local events. So if you happen to be in the Birmingham area, keep an eye out for the yellow Rolls. It's hard to miss.

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