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Tesla employees voiced concerns during Autopilot development

But what if no-one listens?

After a couple of recent accidents – one of them fatalTesla has been vehemently defending its semi-autonomous technology. In spite of the crashes, Tesla, as well as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration claim that the Model S is still an extremely safe vehicle. While the Model S', five-star crash rating is hard to dispute, CNN interviewed current and former Tesla employees that claimed they raised safety concerns during the development of Autopilot, only to be dismissed by CEO Elon Musk.

The report claims that individuals working for the automaker were told to bypass safety precautions to get new technology out at a rapid pace. The interview also revealed that Musk wanted to give drivers a lot more control over the Autopilot system, which includes being able to play videos on the Model S' touchscreen. A previous report claims Tesla and SpaceX are two of the most stressful companies to work for, while ranking at the lowest for pay, as well, which Musk claims come with the territory. This is worth the read which you can do at CNN here.

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