Hot Wheels X-wing Fighter Carship hits San Diego Comic-Con

Perfect for an attack on the Death Star.

Hot Wheels isn't content focusing on its well-known brand of tiny die-cast 1:64-scale cars and trucks. Apparently, they want to make tiny little wheeled spaceships, too. And if you're going to make a spaceship, there could hardly be a better place to look for inspiration than Star Wars.

To help kick off its new line of Carships (their name, not ours), Hot Wheels is bringing this life-size, four-wheeled X-wing Fighter to the San Diego Comic-Con. The miniature machine is slated to go on sale later this year, but you can witness the power of this fully armed and operational version in the video above.

It's powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine from Ford, with custom bodywork that Hot Wheels claims can produce 950 pounds of downforce at 165 miles per hour. We don't know for certain, but our guess is that it's based on a Formula Ford open-wheel chassis. The exterior looks to be sheet steel, and the various weapons are said to be made from genuine aircraft engine parts.

In addition to the video up above with driving footage, Hot Wheels has released a short making-of video that you can watch below. We think the whole thing is pretty cool, but we're wondering where R2's supposed to fit. If the stabilizer breaks loose again, who else is going to lock it down?

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