Just as the dust has settled after BBC Top Gear's latest, controversial season, something new is on the horizon. The Grand Tour, the upcoming show hosted by Clarkson, Hammond and May, has finished shooting their first episode in Johannesburg, South Africa. The idea behind the show is that the three stooges literally do a grand tour, taking their studio with them in a large tent around the world.

These first images released by Amazon Studios depict the tent in location with three pickup trucks parked beside it. A Mitsubishi, a Land Rover Defender and a Toyota Land Cruiser are some of the best choices for negotiating the South African terrain, and we can imagine the three hosts using them as a plot device for this episode.

A tent bearing the T and G letters, just reversed, is probably a breath of fresh air after the trio spent years and years shooting in an aircraft hangar in Dunsfold, England. Still, as the Grand Tour show is all new, we don't expect it to be identical to the classic days of Top Gear UK gone by. For better or for worse, everyone is eager to see what it will be like. A video posted on Facebook by James May shows the hosts in relaxed, relieved mode after the taping wrapped up.

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