Ken Block returns to terrorize LA in Gymkhana 7

Ken Block is back with his heavily modified Ford Mustang, and he's taking to the streets of sunny Los Angeles for the seventh installment of his traditionally insane, drift-tastic Gymkhana videos.

We covered Block's all-wheel-drive, 845-horsepower Mustang a few weeks back during the annual SEMA extravaganza in Las Vegas. We'll admit, we were curious about what this fantastically modified 1965 Mustang would be capable of, and now that we've seen it driven in anger through the streets of LA, we're far from disappointed.

The stunts in this latest installment are a step above even Block's typical fare, and include everything from a seriously close encounter with a lowrider that has major ups to an automotive dance session with the LAPD. There's even an homage to one of the 5-0's most iconic chases. Aside from that, Block makes his way through many LA landmarks, including Randy's Donuts, Chinatown and the Hollywood sign.

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