Overheated dog rescued from BMW by concerned bystander

Dogs, cars, and summer heat do not mix. Hundreds of dogs fall ill and die each year from heat exhaustion when left in cars on hot days, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association. In Grand Bend, ON, a passerby rescued a small dog from such a fate when he smashed out the rear window of a car and pulled the dog to safety.

According to CTV, two unnamed individuals attended a festival on Saturday, June 11 celebrating the unveiling of a new band shell in Grand Bend. They allegedly left their small dog locked in their car in a parking lot. Temperatures across Ontario on June 11 approached 90 degrees Fahrenheit, and even with the windows cracked and the sunroof open, the dog was in obvious distress.

Will Costa was also attending the festival when he heard an announcement over park loudspeakers calling for the owners to report to the parking lot to rescue their dog.

"When I heard the announcer, I couldn't believe it," Costa told CTV. "It was so hot."

Costa and a few other festival attendees moved to the parking lot to see what was happening, and saw a small crowd surrounding a man attacking a BMW with a large rock. After twenty minutes of work, the man with the rock finally shattered the BMW's passenger rear window and retrieved the suffering dog. The owners didn't show up for nearly another hour.

"The dog was completely soaked," said Costa. "The owners didn't show up for another fifty minutes. I believe in another fifty minutes it could have been fatal."

The crowd gave the dog water and called the police. Costa told CTV that the owners were confused and embarrassed when they finally arrived, and were told by responding officers to report to the local police station. There is no report yet of warnings issued or charges filed against the owners.

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