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Stars Selling Cars
Action star Danny Trejo tries his hand at selling cars | Stars Selling Cars

Can actor Danny Trejo sell a car? Find out on this episode of Stars Selling Cars.

Overheated dog rescued from BMW by concerned bystander

A Grand Bend, ON man used a large rock to smash the window of a BMW to rescue a small dog sweltering to death within.

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Police release 911 call from dad who forgot baby in back of car

Police have released the 911 recording of a Massachusetts man who left his one-year-old daughter in the back of his car Wednesday while on his way to work.

Dad Pleads With Parents To Remember Kids In Hot Cars

Man subjects himself to hot car to get message out about child endangerment

After five minutes of sitting in a hot car, Terry Williams was drenched with sweat. After ten minutes, he felt like the air had been sucked out of his lungs. After 15 minutes, he got out of the car.

Nissan testing new, heat-resistant batteries for Leaf

As Nissan Leaf sales continue to heat up, the maker of the electric vehicle wants to cool concerns over hot-climate battery issues by making chemical adjustments to battery packs, Green Car Reports says. Nissan executives met with about 10 Leaf owners in Phoenix last week and said the company is approaching a solution

Tips For Avoiding An Overheating Engine

Tips for keeping your car running in the summer heat

Your car is doing a lot of work under that summer sun. If you don't treat it properly and know how to handle an overheating engine your car can turn from a prized possession and daily commuter into an elaborate paperweight. Along with the above video here are a few tips for keeping your car moving this summer.

Nissan buys back two Leafs in Arizona under lemon laws [w/video]

Hot on the heels of the first Fisker Karma lemon-law buyback, Nissan has confirmed that it bought back two Leaf electric vehicles in Arizona under that state's lemon law in response to Danny King

Police Are Cracking Down on Dumb Dog Owners in Heatwave

Leaving dogs in hot cars is thoughtless and dangerous.

It may seem like common sense to not leave your dog in a parked car on a 100-degree day, but you would be amazed at how thoughtless and stupid some pet owners can be.

Mr. Toad goes down in flames... a reminder to check tire pressure?

The feds are so intent on having you check your tire pressure that they're willing to sacrifice toads in the process. Well, not really, but the new NHTSA ad campaign takes a strange tack to inform consumers that summer weather is Hell on tires.

Remote start, kiss my gas - a better way to warm up

Here in the Autoblog New England office, we've been experiencing a spell of weather where temps fail to break the 30's. It's not the most extreme in the country, but it's darn cold. The low temps are driving many folks to commit ritual torture to their cars. Being the comfort seekers we are, most people enjoy stepping in to a warm car. Nevermind that many cars h