It looks like we'll be seeing the new Porsche Panamera sooner rather than later, after the German company released its first teaser video for its redesigned sedan. Sadly, that image you see above is the only clear view of the new car being offered – the video doesn't offer much. In short, the clip below is all about how Porsche has successfully done its own thing over the years. You know, building cars with the engine in the wrong end and such. It's a nice little recap of Porsche history, showing Porsche's first offerings through to the 918 Spyder. But let's talk about that teaser image.

We get a good look at the taillights, the traditional Porsche lettering, and the rear window. Based on these few details, it looks like the new Panamera's tail will borrow some inspiration from the updated 911. The lights are a similar shape, and while the sedan will tie the two units together with a lighting element – kind of like a 911 Targa – it looks like there's a similar character line just above the Porsche lettering. But the really weird detail here is the vertical cutline at the Panamera's center, right above the letter "S" in "Porsche." There's absolutely no reason for it to be there, unless Porsche is going to offer something really weird like a split tailgate, which we doubt. We can't see anything like it in our spy photos, but it'd be a relatively easy thing to hide with camo. But why is it there? We can't wait to find out.

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