Getting stuck in regular, workaday rush hour traffic is tedious and frustrating. Getting stopped on the highway for an indeterminate amount of time for no discernible reason is infuriating. A drummer in the Netherlands took the opportunity of being stuck in traffic to put on an impromptu performance for his fellow stuck motorists.

According to Omorep Brabant, an accident closed the A27 motorway near the Dutch town of Eindhoven on Sunday, June 5, causing a huge traffic jam. Adriaan Stoop, the drummer for the Eindhoven band The Moods just happened to be on his way to a gig when he got stuck in that traffic jam in a Ford Transit loaded with his drum kit and assorted band gear. Seeing an opportunity to lighten the mood by entertaining his fellow frustrated motorists, Stoop broke out his drums and played a quick set right there on the motorway.

Jonathan Shoenmaker, a motorist stuck in traffic with Stoop, filmed the drummer playing and uploaded the video to YouTube.

"At first I did not want to do it," Stoop told Omorep Brabant. "But the band members said to me, "Just do it!" I looked at the traffic and saw that it was going to last for a while, then I got the drums out."

After a quick setup behind the van, Stoop set to playing with spotters keeping an eye on traffic.

"He asked someone to keep an eye out for traffic moving up ahead, and asked another person to help him quickly set up the drum set and help him pack the drum set back up once traffic started moving," Shoenmaker told Newsflare.

Stoop gathered a small crowd while playing, then quickly packed up and got back underway once the accident was cleared.

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