USAF Thunderbird F-16 crashes following Air Force Academy flyover [UPDATE]

The pilot was able to eject safely, while the downed fighter was captured on camera looking relatively unharmed, sitting in a field

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UPDATE: It's been a bad day for America's flight demonstration teams. Reports are now coming in that a US Navy Blue Angel crashed during a practice flight in Tennessee. The status of the pilot is unclear.

One of the US Air Force's elite Thunderbirds has crashed following a flyover at the Air Force Academy's graduation ceremony. The pilot of the number six F-16 was able to eject unharmed. The Thunderbird team in Colorado Springs is in contact with their unit at their home base at Nellis Air Force Base, near Las Vegas.

According to Air Force Times, the crash occurred near Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado. Remarkably, based on multiple images posted to Twitter, the F-16 appears to be in one piece. The area is currently being evaluated by the Colorado Springs Fire Department, a local newspaper reports.

A USAF official told AFT that it will conduct a "thorough investigation into the causes of the mishap, and those findings will be released when the investigation is complete." You can see images of the downed Thunderbird F-16 in the tweets embedded below.

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