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US pilots flying against ISIS get into the holiday spirit.

And they weren't delivering lumps of coal.

Rebel F-16 fighters had radar lock on the president's plane, as well as his two escorts.

Last week's coup in Turkey could have gone very, very differently if a pair of rebel fighter pilots had behaved differently.

The pilot was able to eject safely, while the downed fighter was captured on camera looking relatively unharmed, sitting in a field

The number six fighter of the USAF Thunderbirds' crashed following the flyover, near Peterson Air Force Base, 20 miles south of the Air Force Academy.

The F-16 high-tailed it 280 miles to save a dying patient in its role as emergency cargo plane.

A Norwegian Royal Air Force F-16 was pressed into high-speed cargo hauling to help save a dying patient's life with a special heart-lung bypass machine.

Aerial refueling is tough, but this KC-135 crew and an F-16 pilot got a lot of practice after a malfunction meant the fighter had to refuel every 15 minutes.

First USAF Deliveries Slated For August 2017

The Boeing KC-46 Pegasus has completed its first air-to-air refueling, marking a major milestone before low-rate initial production can begin.

Human remains were found at the site of a crashed F-16 outside of Bagdad, AZ. The student pilot had been training in Arizona for six months.

Moving to a new aircraft must be a jarring experience for a fighter pilot, but you might not think that after hearing from USAF Maj. Jayson Rickard.

Turkish F-16s have shot down a Russian Su-24 attacker after it ignored repeated warnings that it was violating airspace near the country's border with Syria.

It's only Thursday, but the US military has suffered three separate, non-fatal, aviation-related incidents. A total of ten injuries have been reported.

Over the past week, NATO aircraft have intercepted a total of 22 Russian aircraft in the Baltic Sea alone. A record 250 intercepts have occurred this year.

It's unclear what caused the mid-air collision between the fighter and the recreational aircraft, although the NTSB, USAF, and FAA are all investigating.

An "official use only" brief got out, revealing that the new F-35 was thoroughly trounced by the aging F-16 in a January competition.

An F-16 from the Arizona Air National Guard crashed last night as part of a training size. Initial reports indicate the pilot may have managed to eject.

A mid-air collision between two F-16s last October is being blamed on the pilots involved, a US Air Force report on the incident reveals.

The pilot of a US Air Force F-16 was killed late Sunday night in a crash shortly after taking off from a Middle East base during a strike mission against ISIS. The accident is still under investigation, while the pilot's name is being withheld until his family can be notified, Military.com reports.

The situation with ISIS in Iraq is having a major impact on the Iraqi Air Force, and we aren't just talking about its battles with the militant group. See, Iraq has placed an order for 36 of the F-16 fighters, with deliveries to slated to start this year. The security threat posed by ISIS is forcing the US Department of Defense to delay, particularly after it had to evacuate its contractors from Iraq's Balad Air Base.

So, you think traffic is bad where you live? This week's lead shot comes from Hohenfels, Germany. The tanks, from the US Army's 2nd Battalion, 12th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, are taking part in the multi-national Combined Resolve III exercises.

An Oklahoma Air National Guard F-16 crashed outside Moline, KS after colliding with another OK ANG fighter. The pilot of the crashed fighter managed to eject while the other fighter landed in Tulsa. Neither pilot was injured in the incident.

Aircraft and ships feature heavily in this week's shots, with our interesting lead image coming from aboard the USS Halsey, a US Navy guided-missile destroyer at sea in the Asia-Pacific region. This shot comes from the DDG's flight deck, at the aft of the ship.

After a week off to take part in 2014 Paris Motor Show festivities, we're back with the top military photos of the past seven days, kicking off with what might be the most "metal" military photo we've ever seen.

It being Friday, we're eager to find ways of wasting time. One of the very best that we've come up with is to take a look at this awesome video, a roughly four-and-a-half-minute orgy of fighter jets, including the F/A-18 Hornet, F-16 Falcon, Dassault Mirage and F-15 Eagle, sprinkled in with an almost CGI-like view of a B-2 bomber, the Royal Air Force's Red Arrows and an appearance by the elusive F-117 Nighthawk.

A potential $4.8-billion plan that would see the United States provide Iraq with latest version of the AH-64 Apache attack helicopter has fallen through, according to a report from Defense News.

There were a number of exercises commencing this week that delivered quite a few great action shots of the armed forces in action. At the top of the page, we have the launch of the ship-killing Harpoon cruise missile from the USS Stethem on the opening day of Exercise Valiant Shield.

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