Stay with us on this: Chris Evans used his Radio 2 morning program The Chris Evans Breakfast Show to read a review of himself, Chris Evans, at the first public taping of the new Top Gear, which features Chris Evans as host. Yeah, it's super-meta. We'll explain.

Although the show doesn't make its debut until Sunday, a reporter from The Guardian was able to get one of the tickets handed out by lottery to be on set while the show taped. It's a similar setup to the Clarkson/Hammond/May version that shot in a hanger, except Evans and his co-host Matt LeBlanc and their supporting crew of correspondents don't have years of experience behind them. Evans read excerpts from the brief review by Tara Conlan on his radio show this morning.

Conlan's story is less a review of the show and more a review of the taping of the show. She discusses the chemistry between Evans and LeBlanc, how Evans delivered his lines with minimal difficulty, and what some of the other audience members thought. Nothing too groundbreaking or surprising.

Her take is slightly different from one published by The Sun, which focused on the negatives. (That makes sense since The Sun is a tabloid.) While it has been pointed out that the taping lasted four hours, Conlan notes that fans who had been present for Clarkson-era tapings said the practiced hosts took that long themselves. Considering that this is the first taping that was open to the public, four hours is probably not too bad.

We'll have a better idea on Sunday once pirated copies of the show start flooding the internets.

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