Taping of Top Gear's first new episode didn't go very well

Filming in front of a live audience is never easy, even when you're Chris Evans. Taping of the first episode of Top Gear helmed by Evans took place a few days ago, and it reportedly didn't run as smoothly as the British personality had hoped.

First, Brad Pitt dropped out as the reborn show's first guest, replaced by Jesse Eisenberg and Gordon Ramsey. Then, it reportedly took Evans 10 attempts to nail his opening monologue, according to The Sun. "Don't fold your arms, don't wear black. Take it off – take everything off," Evans was quoted as saying. "Don't fold your arms, don't have your hands in your pockets." He ended his rant with a particularly choice string of expletives.

It took four hours to shoot the in-studio segments, apparently, which doesn't necessarily sound like a major problem. Except that Evans had previously mocked Clarkson and co. for taking as many as three hours to nail their live footage. And apparently the jokes weren't very funny, prompting the host to chide the audience, "Don't be quiet. Talk among yourselves. Jesus Christ! Can you all hear me?"

Even with all the negative press, we're still looking forward to watching the new series unfold. Here's hoping it's not as big of a mess as it sounds.

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