Thirteen thousand people watched a live stream Monday of an illegally parked car, waiting for Los Angeles parking enforcement to ticket the offending auto. Comedians Brent Weinbach and Doug Lussenhop narrated the half-hour ticket watch on the SuperDelux Facebook as they waited for enforcement to cite a Nissan Leaf on 1236 South Orange Drive.

Weinbach and Lussenhop said Los Angeles made $165 million from parking tickets last year. That's a 50 percent increase since 2003, according to the Laist. Clearly, the city is profiting big on parking offenders. They wanted to see how long it would take for a car parked on the wrong side of the street on street cleaning day to get a citation. Cars were banned from parking on a particular stretch from noon to 3 p.m. It didn't take three hours for the car's owner to feel the heavy boot of justice on his neck. Just before the count down rolled into its 27 minute of nail-bitting suspense, a parking enforcement car rolled up in front of the Leaf. When the officer was spotted, the video's accompanying 'risk meter' turned bright red. The comedians then gave a blow by blow of the meter maids actions as she photographed and ticketed the car. At 29 minutes, the ticket hit the windshield, and it was game over for Weinbach and Lussenhop.

"There it is. A citation has been issued," Lussenhop announced when the ticket hit the windshield. Before the comments go crazy with cursing meter maids, she did give the guys a chance to move the NIssan before ticketing. That's a decent public servant right there. Not only did 13,000 Facebook users watch the car get a ticket, but as of this writing, the video has been viewed over 33,000 times. All that social media fame for the price of a $73 parking ticket.

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