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Prevent costly accidents with these two dashcam picks

Capture those crucial split­-second moments when you’re on the road.

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You only need to take one look at the red crash icons all over your navigation app to see why you need a dashcam. Whether dealing with accidents or atrocities, safeguard against costly court proceedings and insurance hassles with timely video footage.

Where to start? Check out our two dashcam picks below for premium on­-the-­road recording options.

DashCam Hi­Res Car Video Recorder & Camera

MSRP: $95 | Today: $26.99 | Savings: 71%

This no­-frills base model does the job capturing up to 2 hours of recording on the included 8GB storage. If you really want to cover your bases, it supports microSD cards up to 32GB. Even when the device is powered off, it will begin recording when your car suddenly jerks or shakes.

Best of all, there's no need to clear the memory as it will record the latest footage over old recordings­­ – ensuring you'll have video evidence to sidestep a he­-said, she­-said war of words.

Looping DVR HD Dash Cam

MSRP: $190 | Today: $59.99 | Savings: 68%

Integrated with convenient features and accessories, this cam boasts a wide-angle lens that can capture a 120­-degree view in 1080p HD quality, even in night vision. You can also record and listen to audio using its built-­in microphone and speaker. Core functions include loop recording, G­-sensor technology that detects impacts, and digital snapshots.

What are you waiting for? Nab one of these deals before time runs out, and ensure you're covered at all times on the road.

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