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Execute any repair job with the iFixit 64 Bit Driver Kit

Consider this kit a jack­-of­-all-­trades to help you fix any device­­ – now 30% off with free shipping.

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With an abundance of DIY resources online, why waste money relying on electronics repairs professionals? Certainly it's a thought that crosses many of our minds, but it doesn't necessarily pass muster when it comes to gadgets requiring niche tools.

With the iFixit 64 Bit Driver Kit, however, you'll think differently – ­­and barely bat a lash when confronted with a device requiring a fix. Does your iPhone need to be disassembled and examined? How about your beloved XBOX? This handy kit makes it possible.

You'll access a premium kit designed specifically for precision repair work on handheld electronics and beyond. Think: cell phones, laptops, tablets, and smartwatches, amongst others. This kit comes packing some heat, encompassing both standard screwdriver bits such as your run­-of-­the-­mill Phillips heads, as well as tricker bits such as Pentalobe, Hex, and Tri-points.

On top of that, the iFixit kit comes with a 150mm flexible extension to help you unearth pesky screws, as well as a helpful SIM card eject tool – ­­perfect for dislodging those pesky SIM cards from your phone without cracking any screens in the process.

Best of all, the iFixit kit is now available for $34.95, or 30% off MSRP. Grab one now, because this deal won't last forever, and supplies are certain to run out soon.

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