Koenigsegg FreeValve camless tech to be used in Chinese cars

Look ma, no camshafts!

Koenigsegg's FreeValve AB sister company has found a suitable recipient for its camless engine technology. The system, which does away with camshafts and throttle bodies, uses pneumatic-hydraulic-electric direct valve control and enables theoretically infinite valve timing, cylinder deactivation and other certainly ingenious benefits.

The new engine will go into a Chinese-designed Qoros vehicle, dubbed "Qamless" in this case. FreeValve compares a regular, camshaft-equipped engine to playing the piano with both hands tied to a broomstick, which certainly makes sense – the PHEA system liberates the "individual fingers" for more precise valve control. Christian von Koenigsegg says the new technology is comparable to the leap from carburetors to direct injection.

The concept car, based on a Qoros 3 hatchback, was unveiled at the Beijing Motor Show. FreeValve's CEO, Urban Carlsson says the partnership will help the company to move from concept level to a production application.

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