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Audi put an electric longboard in the bumper of a Q3 | Autoblog Minute

Audi's connected mobility concept debuted at the Beijing Motor Show this week.

Audi's connected mobility concept links a compact SUV, based on the Q3, with a driver's smart devices and an electric longboard that is stowed in the car's rear bumper. Eddie Sabatini reports on this edition of Autoblog Minute.
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[00:00:00] Audi debuted its Connected Mobility Concept at the 2016 Beijing Motor show this week. The concept is based on the Audi Q3 production model but perhaps what's most interesting about this concept is not the compact SUV but the electric longboard that's stowed in the vehicle's rear bumper. Audi says that the carbon fiber and aluminum board has a battery range just over 7 miles, can reach speeds of up to 18 miles per hour, and when housed in the car, is automatically charged.

[00:00:30] Clearly aimed at younger drivers, Audi's concept is a unique take on connected mobility. For Autoblog I'm Eddie Sabatini.

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