Camaro driver clocked at 171 miles per hour

Chevy's 2016 Camaro SS is a fantastic piece of automotive engineering. It is also, apparently, very, very fast. This latter fact was perfectly illustrated when, on April 8, a Camaro SS driver was nailed in Two Harbors, Minnesota for doing 171 mph.

According to WFAA, the unnamed speed demon was flying down Highway 61 near Two Harbors when Hermantown, MN Deputy Police Chief Shawn Padden clocked him at an eye-watering 171 mph. He then recorded the speeder at 168 and 141. At the time, Deputy Chief Padden was working with Minnesota State Patrol on an anti-DWI program called "Toward Zero Deaths".

Padden, who was interviewed by the Duluth News Tribune, said he was surprised at the driver's sheer speed.

"When he went by me, it was a blur," Padden told the News. "You get used to seeing people going 65 or 70 and what that looks like. But I've never seen anything like this. It's like a rocket on wheels."

Fadden chased the Camaro down eventually, but it took some doing. To catch the Camaro, he pushed his Dodge Charger Pursuit to 135 mph just to get into range so the Camaro could see his emergency lights. The speeding driver was ticketed for careless driving, but may lose his license due to a Minnesota law that gives courts the option of revoking licenses for drivers caught doing more than 100 mph.

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