Two morons joyride a Mustang convertible in LA traffic

Two young Angelenos took the time to engage in a little automotive horseplay while fleeing police earlier this week through downtown LA. On the afternoon of April 7, Isaiah Young and Herschel Reynolds, both wanted in connection with a burglary, led the Los Angeles Police Department on a high-speed chase through the greater Los Angeles area in a Ford Mustang convertible, NBC4 reported.

As they sped through East LA, South LA, Hollywood, and the Hollywood Hills, Young and Reynolds took the time to do donuts and burnouts in the middle of traffic, swerve through traffic, drive the wrong way down Highway 101, taunt LAPD helicopters, take selfies, and generally ignore the police cruisers hounding them at every turn. At one point, they even dodged an ersatz road block on the 101 caused by a TMZ tour bus driver who threw his empty bus in their path to slow them down.

The LAPD mostly tailed behind the duo as they hooned around LA. When asked about the hands-off approach to the pursuit, an LAPD spokesman stated that the department was in no rush to take the two into custody.

"They do not appear that they were running anywhere," said LAPD Captain and department spokesperson Andy Neiman told NBC4. "For law enforcement to rush in would have exacerbated that situation." What seems like a shirking of responsibility was actually motivated by a concern for public safety. LA roads are notoriously busy. USA Today reported last year that 5,000 bystanders or passengers have been killed during police pursuits since 1979, and tens of thousands more have been injured.

Eventually, with a flat front tire, Young and Reynolds ducked into a neighborhood, stopped the car, and chatted with passersby while they waited for the police to show up. They even handed out some free hugs while waiting for authorities after their wild ride. LA County Sheriff's Deputies finally arrived on the scene around 3:30 pm and arrested the duo, along with a third, unnamed suspect, without incident.

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