Go inside the Acura NSX's stunning Ohio factory

Our video tour of Honda's Performance Manufacturing Center

If you're going to build a world-class supercar, you need to build a world-class factory. And that's what Honda did with the Performance Manufacturing Center in Marysville, Ohio. We took a tour of the PMC recently for an up-close look at how the new NSX comes to life and documented it in the video above.

The PMC was designed for the sole purpose of building the new supercar. Located just up the road from the R&D center where Honda developed the NSX, the factory sits at the heart of Honda's Ohio campus. Walking the factory floor, you can tell the Acura NSX is the pride of the entire Honda Motor Company, and as we saw on our first drive, it's a car worthy of serious lust. So it's no small thing that the Japanese company builds the entire car in America.

The factory won't be open to the public, but if you're one of the people with an NSX on order, you'll be able to take a tour yourself later this year. We hope you enjoy the video tour.

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