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Experience the Jaws of Life | The List #0276

Jessi and Patrick claw their way into crumpled cars with the LA County Fire Department.

Serious automotive accidents can mash and mangle cars to the point where opening the doors is no longer an option for first responders. Thankfully, that's where the brave women and men of the Los Angeles County Fire Department come in. Using a special set of hydraulic tools known as the jaws of life, firefighters can clamp, claw, and saw their way into crumpled cars.

"You'll actually see them take a car apart. We can take a car away from anyone," said LACFD captain Brian Jordan. "[If] there's one thing in our job, [it's that] there's nothing that's firefighter proof."

The List hosts Jessi Combs and Patrick McIntyre head to an LA County Fire Department Training Center to experience the jaws of life firsthand.

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