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Watch a Tesla Model S P90D drag race a Boeing 737

If there's one thing we never get tired of, it's a race between a jet and a car. Sometimes it's military aircraft and sometimes civilian, sometimes against a supercar and sometimes something else – but the results are always interesting to watch. This latest comes from Australia and pits a Tesla Model S against a passenger jet.

Orchestrated by Qantas to highlight its new collaboration with Tesla, the showdown pits the Model S P90D against a Boeing 737. That's the most ludicrous version of the electric sedan, featuring a performance mode that Musk's people call Ludicrous. It packs the electric equivalent of 503 horsepower at the rear wheels and another 259 at the front for a 0-60 time as low as 2.8 seconds. That puts some serious performance machinery to shame, all without burning any fossil fuels and with the capacity to carry the whole family to boot.

Of course, the Model S will "only" top out at 155 miles per hour, which is far less than the Boeing's 500-mph cruising speed. But this race isn't about top speed – it's about acceleration. So can the Tesla's instant torque delivery and all-wheel drive trump the 737's 50,000 pounds of thrust down the runway at Melbourne's Avalon Airport? You'll have to watch the video above to see for yourself, but suffice it to say that neither dominates the tarmac from start to finish.

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