Most of us have been in this situation: local roads are pocked with potholes, and the local officials don't seem to be doing much about it. But few of us have ever taken things into our own hands quite like Preston Perry.

The 84-year-old resident of Upper Nine Mile River in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia has lived on MacIntosh Road for decades. (This is "New Scotland," after all.) He grew particularly concerned after his wife, 82, injured her back in a car accident, making it particularly painful for her to travel down the road on which they live. Fed up with the situation, old Preston hopped on his tractor – a White model that looks at least as old as he is – and started fixing the road himself.

Of course, it helps in this case that the dirt road is unpaved – something which locals have been petitioning the local government to fix. "I know they can't do a perfect job now this time of the year, but you could at least make it passable," said Perry. Provincial assembly representative Margaret Miller says roads in the area are due to be fixed in the spring, and encouraged her constituents to call her office with any concerns. In the meantime, Perry says he's ready to grab his grandson's backhoe if need be. Wouldn't it be nice if we all showed his kind of gumption at any age, let alone in our eighties.

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