As Porsche's first fully electric sports sedan to go on sale, the production version of the Mission E concept could revolutionize the company's products. It's vital to get the look just right because of so much riding on the upcoming EV, and a new video from the German sportscar maker offers a glimpse inside the Mission E's design process.

When Porsche decided to create a four-seat sports car with an electric drivetrain, the designers started by creating a series of drawings that became clay scale models. While they don't look too different from the final shape, this video gives us a look at several different design sketches for the Mission E.

The designers tacked up pictures of the brand's models and took some ideas from them. For example, the smooth nose has a resemblance to the front of the 718 RSK racecar from the late '50s and early '60s, and the Mission E also has cues from the current 919 Hybrid.

The interior design process proceeded similarly. The stylists wanted to carry the look of the 911 into the future. For a cutting edge cabin, they also included elements like gesture recognition and holographic displays.

In concept form, Porsche claims the Mission E all-wheel drive EV powertrain makes 590 horsepower, and Porsche promised a 311-mile range under the European testing method. Production should begin around 2020 at an updated factory in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, Germany. The company's workers at the plant even agreed to adjust their wages to make sure assembly happened there.

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