Have you ever found yourself - probably late at night after a long day of walking - with your web browser open at the checkout page with a pair of Heelys in your cart, your credit card information filled in, and the cursor hovering over the big orange button labeled "Submit My Order"?

Yeah, ummm, me neither.

I've also never pictured myself cruising home the last few blocks from the bus stop on my very own Wheela ("the Scootbike!"), wind blowing through my hair, unburdened - if just for a few minutes - of the crushing, Sisyphean weight of existence.

It may seem like a ridiculous fantasy, but the Wheela bicycle/scooter hybrid is a real product, with the first shipment scheduled to make its way to discerning early adopters in July of 2016. The lightweight, folding scootbike began its life as an idea, a solution for boaters who need a convenient, comfortable way to explore the area after docking at port. The space premium onboard many vessels prohibits bringing along a bicycle (same goes for you, private pilots), but many destinations are too large (and hot!) to get around on foot. And this is how the Wheela was originally conceived.

The six-pound scootbike has a tubular, A-shaped frame fashioned from hardened aluminum alloy (a carbon composite edition is also available), and can support up to 242 pounds. The Wheela comes in a range of sizes to accommodate people of various heights. The rider sits on a bike saddle and propels themselves with their feet or gravity. Even better, there's an Electric Boost edition, which uses a 250-watt electric motor and lithium-ion battery pack providing up to 40 minutes of electric riding at speeds of up to 9.5 mph. The added heft of the electric assist is minimal, as the total package weighs just 8.8 pounds.

Interested? Entry into the exclusive world of Wheela ownership is $289 for the standard, aluminum version. You can preorder the Wheela Carbon Edition for $444. The range-topping Wheela Electric Boost will set you back $599, but you can't really put a price on this kind of motive (and existential) freedom.

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