We still don't have a name for the Amazon Prime show that'll start ex-Top Gear hosts Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May, but now we have confirmation of when we'll see the new show air. James "Captain Slow" May held a Reddit AMA yesterday, and confirmed what Clarkson had already Tweeted out: the show's coming this Fall.

That's as much as May was willing to say. We do have an inkling of what to expect, and it's more of the buffoonish awesomeness that helped the trio appeal to a surprisingly broad audience. It's still a car show, and enthusiasts will appreciate the hosts' true car-guy bona fides, but everyone can appreciate the absurdity of a monster truck-style Mercedes convertible blasting around a quaint British village.

As we get closer to the air date, expect the rest of the blanks (like the name, which isn't Car Knobs) to be filled.

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