Gary Wales puts his bountiful energy to great use by creating amazing custom vehicles, and on this week's Jay Leno's Garage, he shows his latest work – the 1915 LaBestioni Rusty Two. This massive roadster started life as a dilapidated American LaFrance fire truck frame, and Wales brought it back to life as this gargantuan machine.

Wales and his friend took just a year to build the LaBestioni from when they recovered the frame in May 2014. Mechanically, they left it largely stock but added power steering and disc brakes at the front. The engine is a massive six-cylinder, which displaces about 14 liters, and has four spark plugs for each cylinder. The cast iron pistons are the size of coffee cans. The power routes through a three-speed manual to a chain drive to turn the rear wheels.

Wales designed practically the entire shape in his head, and the result is breathtaking. The hood looks gorgeous and is simply rust with a clear coat over it. The wooden rear is equally beautiful thanks to the mahogany fins, which lend a visual flourish to the design.

Jay can barely get a word in during this whole clip because Wales is so excited to talk about his creation. The guy deserves all the time he needs, though, because this machine is a masterpiece.

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