Tesla fan video adds Carl Sagan to show we're living in the future

Three-minute Tesla 'ad' has Sagan reading from his 1994 book Pale Blue Dot.

Who needs to pay tens of millions of dollars to an advertising firm when your fans will do the trick for you? Did Carl Sagan ever imagine he would be pitching an electric vehicle before passing away two decades ago? And what does "terraqueous" mean, anyway?

We ask these questions because Tesla Motors fan Loren Booker posted a rather professional-looking three-minute video on YouTube using Sagan's reading of his 1994 book Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space as a voiceover. The video's objective is to show that Tesla's vision pretty much coincides with all that's right in this world. It's titled Capable of Greatness and alternates images of ecological destruction with more uplifting fare of rockets taking off, aerial views of massive solar farms and, of course, lots of shots of emissions-free Tesla vehicles being produced in its factory and driven on the road.

The video is voiced by Sagan, who died in 1996, and creates the context that advancements made by the electric vehicle maker go hand in hand with space travel and other symbols of human achievement. His reading also included the word "terraqueous," which, as I just found out, means "consisting of, or formed of, land and water." It's a way of saying "Earth" for smart people.

Unlike pretty much every other major US automaker, Tesla's not real big on conventional advertising, but its drivers are known to be a pretty loyal (not to mention, wealthy) lot, so the video is not completely out of the (pale) blue. That said, this one's a pretty impressive and weighty one.

We last covered this ground last fall after spotting another fan-produced spot. That one-minute add was called Fireflies and used some pretty impressive computer animation to show fireflies lighting up the night as a metaphor for advancements made by the EV maker.

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