Tesla fans are obsessive, this commercial is Exhibit A

While their numbers might be relatively small when compared to the motoring population at large, die-hard Tesla fans show an obsession with the EV brand that rivals even the Scuderia Ferrari-loving Tifosi or the legion of Harley-Davidson fanatics. Not only do these folks love Elon Musk's company, based on this new commercial, some of them are quite talented, as well. If Tesla ever wants to produce a Super Bowl ad, maybe it needs to get in touch with the team behind the video above, because the work is absolutely top notch.

The beautifully understated fan-made spot titled Fireflies seems to echo the way Tesla is growing. Starting with just a single firefly, a spark jumps between more and more of them until they're eventually lighting up the night. It's a clever metaphor, and it also looks very cool. On top of the neat idea, the computer animation looks superb. The creators are definitely a talented bunch.

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